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About Varied / Hobbyist Core Member Leona Monroe26/Female/United States Groups :icongyregonshaven: GyregonsHaven
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Red= Unpaid | Green= Paid

-Not Started - Sketched - Inked - Scanned/In color progress

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Current list-
-Sovy on FA - Sketchbook - traditional - started

Free Stuffs:
-'Badge' sized traditional characters - traditional (extensive list - noted down on a corkboard)
-:iconnakaseart: - Colored traditional piece, Feather earrings, Dreamcatcher - Dreamcatcher and Traditional Piece are done.
- Full color prize piece on FR

Testing Box

My Testing Zone

Pardon this little mess! I'm testing out new ideas and tricks, and once everything's ironed out this profile is getting a major overhaul!

PS- Pixel statuses above this section are my own making - NO TOUCHIE until I make a downloadable file!


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Feb 18, 2017
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Feb 18, 2017
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Leona Monroe
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Since joining DA, this has been my main account for almost 3 years. Then for two years I spent a hiatus away from here on two different accounts, but I am now back and my last account dedicated to commissioned pieces - :iconcallairah:

I'm pretty easy to approach so don't be afraid to ask questions about stuff!

Aside from digital art I do traditional works (not as prevalent as it used to be), real medias like dreamcatchers, jewelry and sculptures, and 3D works like Avatars on SecondLife.

Curious in commissioning me? Take a gander through my commission list (once it's updated) and keep an eye out for any notices of batch commissions!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please please PLEASE don't ask me to remind you specifically when I open commissions! I always will post journals and my commission sheet will have all the info you need. If you absolutely need a commission from me for a special reason we might be able to figure something out, otherwise please wait with everyone else! Thanks!

About who I am for hobbies I enjoy leisurely reading engaging books, kayaking, skiing (not cross country), snowshoe hiking up mountains and across frozen lakes, scuba diving (open water), swimming, camping out, stargazing on a clear night over the water, studying animals in their natural habitat, 'torturing' my two sugar gliders on weekly trips to visit with customers at my job (they really actually enjoy it as much as I do), testing out new avenues of art to expand my repertoire.. the list could go on.

Hope everyone's had a good Christmas

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2016, 9:06 PM

I know I've been quiet a while, what with work ramping up for the season and poking at commissions between family and computer issues.

Hope everyone's had a lovely and safe Christmas with family, loved ones, and close buds!

I received an awesome A9 rig avian from my folks down south - that's going to help a ton with my bird/avian positions with planned stories I want to complete and convert to comic form... once I can get my world-building butt past the concept and initial rough blurbs without wanting to revamp the entire story onto its head after each length of time away from it (I blame it on plotting myself into a loop-corner at times when I let the ideas get ahead of plausibility).  I want to save up some funds for the other rigs as well so I have a good range to work with in customizing and scale-work.

I know where my skills in anatomy and perspective lie, and there is still a huge amount of improvement that can be gained from study and experimentation.

From my folks up here in Maine I received a beautifully carved Native American style flute from my dad while he was traveling abroad to visit family. It has fun shapes and asymmetry along its sections, and a charming loon 'bird' suggested by one of my younger cousins in Minnesota. It plays close to a G scale, but has a lovely breathy tone to it, and the square-route chamber makes it so much lighter than its size suggests! Not to mention - the holes are just the right size for my fingers! I'm too used to fighting around holes designed for large man-bear hands to get those clean notes, so this is a pleasant difference, and I'm a sucker for the lower register scales >_>

My gift this year to them were little hand-painted and sculpted clay parakeets. I didn't get to cook them in my new clay oven because the moment I turned the thing on to warm - it started billowing white smoke that smelled like scalding plastic... Good thing I was next to a window and there was a cross breeze to pull it out of the apartment >_> Going to be contacting the makers about the issue and pick up a $20 toaster oven from Walmart to do the cooking in. I'm just glad I got away with paying $26 for the clay oven instead of $65 thanks to a handy coupon at the time.

Lessee... Christmas Eve my roomate dragged me to her family's house for dinner (I say dragged for the sheer fun of dramatic flair - I drove us there and back with how icy things are here). As she accurately puts it - it was organized chaos with her three nieces. The youngest thought it great fun to feed me crackers because I made a small game with one of lunge-biting at it. That bit me in the butt later when she insisted on pushing crackers in my face >_> Dinner  was yummy, and it was nice to experience a family event that's different from the ones I grew up with.

Things have been rather blue at the family house Christmas day, parents had to put the sweet old feral cat down on Monday. Lymes, age, arthritis, and the abuse he suffered as a kitten caught up to him in the last year. He was a real sweetheart, could take all the attention and scratches you could give with as loud a purr as his frail body could muster.
Three days before Christmas day, we also lost one of the parakeets to one of the other cats after it got stuck in a closet shelf. I wouldn't have thought the cat would swarm up a shelf after it, but he did..
None of my brothers showed up, or called, so it was just the three of us while I finished cooking the dinner and spent time with dad while my stepmom was showering and re-dying her hair.

I do have some wounds from said cat when he freaked and launched across me and the gliders while they were in the pouch at the dinner table- that was... fun..  especially the puncture wound between my fingers. That place hurt... a lot....

Long story short.. It's been an emotionally fritzy year altogether.


So... The year's been a bit lousy in the art and commission department, and it's bothered me a great deal. I'm really sorry for not meeting my promise in increasing my turnaround process, but I am striving to at least get a good chunk done before the new year.

Wiped as hell from work drama, but any support's welcome! Especially when it comes with delicious yumms. Got some interesting projects planned that are patron-interactive, but I want to clear my slate first before rolling them out for those interested.

If you want to know ahead of time, feel free to shoot me a note - just trying not to jinx myself at the moment by stating them now in a massive journal >_>

Till next time - here's to a brighter New Year ushered in over a bottle of sparkling grape juice.


I am temporarily OPEN!
Commission list is on my profile!


There is no contest currently

:iconcallairah: - My commission account

My birthday badge
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